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  2. The vacancy ad submitted for placement on the site should contain clear, accurate, and properly organized information about a specific vacancy, without allowing two-faced comments.

  3. Each vacancy from a company can only be published in the form of one ad. It is permissible to use punctuation marks in the job title such as a colon to specify the job field, the subject of trade/services, the name of the branch/department, etc. For example: Accountant (main assets), Sales Manager (office supplies).

  4. To place a vacancy, it is necessary to select the categories you want for the advertisement based on the job offered. You can indicate a maximum of 5 categories for one vacancy. The selected category, the job title, the duties of the employee, gender, work schedule, and the company's field of activity should be consistent.

  5. Recruitment agencies must describe the organization they represent in detail in the "Job Description" field, including the type of its activities and the terms of work for the proposed position.

  6. The placement of information that contradicts the legislation and the posting of job ads in the following areas is prohibited:

    1. gambling business, gambling and entertainment;
    2. vacancies related to the production, sale, and advertising of alcoholic and tobacco products;
    3. financial pyramids;
    4. religious sects, occult services, and erotic services;
    5. diploma work, course work, exam work, etc.;
    6. online earning, email spamming;
    7. network marketing, direct sales of products and services, advertising of product and service.
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  8. The site administration is not responsible for the content of the published ads and advertising materials, as well as for the accuracy of the contact information and other information specified in them.

  9. Any possible disputes arising from or related to these Rules are resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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