Helime Qurbanova


  • Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Management

My name is Halima. I `m 24. I graduated from Azerbaijan University of Languages. Later, I worked as a volunteer at Baku French Lyseum for 4 months. On September 4, 2023, I started working as an assistant teacher at Baku French Lyseum.
With over two years of dedicated experience in education, I have honed my skills in fostering effective communication and cultivating strong teamwork dynamics. Through various pedagogical roles, I have demonstrated an ability to create collaborative environments where ideas flow freely and team members are empowered to contribute their best. I am confident that my background in education and my developed communication and teamwork abilities make me a valuable asset for this role.

Baku, Azerbaijan
Assistant Teacher

Baku French Lyceum, Baku, Azerbaijan

2023-09-04 - Still working

🔘Facilitate activities for young children fostering a nurturing and educational environment. 🔘Organize creative and engaging games tailored to the developmental stages of young children.
🔘Support teachers in lesson planning, ensuring that educational objectives are met effectively.
🔘Assist in the implementation of educational activities,enhancing the learning experience for children. . 🔘Contribute to the development of curriculum materials and resources to support early childhood education. 🔘Coordinate with staff to maintain a safe and stimulating classroom environment.
🔘Participate in parent-teacher meetings to discuss children's progress and address any concerns.

French Teacher

Azerbaijan University of Languages, Baku, Azerbaijan


2018-09-17 - 2022-06-14

Awards and certificates
Mc office

Edu company

Excel, word power

2022-10-20 - Still active

Skill Level Experience
mc office Good 1 year(s)
Communication • Problem Solving • DetailOriented. • Teamwork • CriticalThinking • Time management • Organizing Excellent 1 year(s)
Language Level
fransiz Good
ingilis Average
azerbaycan Excellent
rus Sufficient